Wednesday, February 13, 2008


One of the things I am most thankful for is laughter! It is a natural boost to the soul that even in the midst of sobbing if someone can make you laugh you instantly feel a little better. I laugh all the time at my kids and my husband (although he would say I used to laugh more at his jokes - but I've kind of heard them all now so they're not as funny!).

Anyways, the time I think I laughed the most was at A&M during a little time called registration. This is before the internet, people, when you had to call, get a busy signal, hang up and hit redial. You could do this for hours trying to get in and choose the classes you wanted for the next semester.

One time our great friend Christian was over at my house using the phone to try to register (I think his roommates were using the phone at his house - this was before cell phones,too). I can still picture this scene so vividly as if it just happened yesterday... He is sitting on the chair in my room and Amanda & I are there talking. Finally I remember my hostess manners and ask him if he wants something to drink, specifically "red stuff" which is another story in itself but means red kool-aid to us. For further understanding, see Genesis 25:30 (NASB).

Well, poor Christian had been going through this phone ritual for so long (dial, hang up, redial), that when I gave him his cup of kool aid, he immediately picked it up and put it up to his ear as if it were the phone. Needless to say, "red stuff" poured down the side of his face and onto his clothes. Meanwhile, Amanda and I hit the floor laughing so hysterically. To this day, I can not tell that story or even think of it without laughing. Not just a little chuckle but I mean a full blown out loud shaking laughter. It is an instant cure for whatever grumpiness I may be enduring.

Thanks, Christian, for that. Today has been rough but I think the Lord brought that memory to mind to give me some relief! Sorry it came at your expense and stained your BUCS sweatshirt, too. :)

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GloriousRuin said...

You had me full out laughing right here in the middle of Panera Bread as I read and remembered. Fun times. I'm getting kind of thirsty...