Sunday, October 23, 2011


Wow, so hard to believe we're approaching November! How quickly I forgot what "fall" in Texas feels like: aka Summer Part 2. :) But actually, being a fan of warmer weather, it's not too bad. Highs in the 80's/low 90's makes very decent weather for getting our lives done day in and day out. We did have a couple mornings where the kids needed a light jacket and they instantly asked if it it was going to snow. My little Midwestern babies. :)

We are truckin' along doing life in San Antonio. Very busy with three kids at school and at all different times. I feel a strong urge to paint my minivan yellow and get a little light on the top that says Taxi. But it's part of my job and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Each kid is flourishing at his/her respective place of education and that is always a relief.

The ongoing arc of our lives continues to be Cole's health (last week I was convinced he had diabetes). The doctors feel fine to wait it out and see how/if he grows, but it's hard for this mama to see him so small. Something doesn't feel right but I know better than to trust my feelings.

I am loving Pinterest and all the inspiration it brings (if only it magically granted free time along with that inspiration). I spent a few hours this weekend making this pillow after seeing a similar concept online.

We are not overly India here - Mark and I didn't have a connection to it before adopting Cole and don't incorporate traditions to our family or anything. But of course it is special to us being the birthplace of our youngest and I thought it would be appropriate to have a subtle reminder of where he came from.

We recently did the traditional visit to the pumpkin patch (and got majorly ripped off in the process but trust me, that's not worth getting into). The kids got to pick one activity to do and the boys chose the bounce house and Lucy chose the petting zoo. Then we went to the grocery store to get our pumpkins for 70% cheaper than what the patch was charging. That felt good.

We are thankful for our time here even on hard days when we miss home so very much. We are really looking forward to visiting St Louis for Thanksgiving and the upcoming holiday season. Mark and I are learning a lot about decision making and consequences and really trying to seek God and His plan for our lives. It is encouraging to know and be reminded that He cares and wants the best for us, even when we get in the way. Now if we could only agree on sports teams than our marriage would be picture perfect (Go Rangers!)

ly looking forward to a trip to St L

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Unexpected Blessings

Today was Day Three of 2nd grade for Lucy and early morning/routine for the rest of us. Wow - what an adjustment but honestly, it's one that is very welcome. We are out the door at 7:30 to drop her off, home to do chores and then by 8:30, Cole is asking for lunch. :) We get done with our chores and errands so early in the day now, it feels weird to eat lunch at 11 and have naps by 12. But we are so much more productive and I am loving that!
Each school day brings home a better report from my girl and I feel confident that in no time she will love it as much as she did Oak Brook. She is not a morning person and not one for change (but then again, who is?) so it wasn't a huge shock that she would be so prickly after the first couple of days.
Yesterday we got home and saw a little girl and her mom going into the next door house. We knew people had just moved in last week but hadn't a chance to go over there yet. Lucy said right away, "I think she is in my class!' Sure enough, we knocked on the door and now Lucy has a built in playmate. In fact, she is over here now and I am enjoying hearing giggles come from her room while they play.
The boys and I went up to the elementary school today to see about special ed testing. After a preliminary meeting, it was determined that Nate would not qualify for speech (although the teacher wanted him to after spending time with my sweet boy). Cole will go back for further testing next week but I have to say, I was so impressed with everything. The teachers, the classrooms, their efficiency (not what I was expecting at all). We'll see how it progresses but I'm very excited my little one could really get some needs met and soon!
We have celebrated all these fun surprises with a few trips to Happy Hour at Sonic for some 50 cent slushies (which also really help us deal with the miserable heat). I didn't expect God to bless us in such a way while we were living here and am thankful He has. I love how He is so faithful to remind us in small ways how much He cares.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Winding Down

We have less than a week til the end of summer vacation...can't believe my oldest is about to start 2nd grade at yet another new school! She is so excited and has had her first 5 days of outfits picked out for a while now. I'm trying not to be too nervous for her having to be the new kid again.
I am sad about her being gone (she is such a mama's helper) but looking forward to having a routine. She asked very politely if she could be a car rider instead of taking the bus which I am happy to do for her. Of course it will be extra work to get the boys ready to get out the door at 7:30 every morning but it will get us up and going and on our way!
Nate will start pre-k after Labor Day and it will be his first experience to be gone all day! Last year, his preschool was mornings only. He got a brand new superheros lunch box and is really looking forward to it. It helps that the pre-k is also at our church - should be a lot of familiar faces!
We have started the referral process for both boys to be tested for early childhood special ed but with the busyness of back to school, I'm sure it will be a while before either gets services. (Nate was recommended for speech. I have mixed feelings about it because I think the way he talks is adorable. "Tole" for Cole, etc. But I guess it's a part of growing up!)
Cole's new mantra is "I still hun-dry" aka I'm still hungry! Seriously, this peanut wants to eat all day long lately. Still no growth to show for it so we will see what the endocrinologist has to say in a few weeks. He even asks at bedtime, "I get breakfast after night-nights?" And of course I tell him "yes" to which he responds by throwing his hands in the air and shouting "Yay!!!!!" like I've just told him we're going to Disneyworld or something. Funny kid.
We had some fun visits to break up our monotonous long days. Jennifer and her girls came for a day (they live about 2 hours away) and we had a blast. Jennifer and I were college roommates at A&M for the spring semester of our sophomore year and then the last semester there while we were both student teaching (boy, did we share some stories then!) I will always remember that she was the one who woke me in the middle of the night to tell me that Bonfire fell and some students had died.
Here are our kiddos at Chick-fil-a!
We also got a visit from another college friend, Amanda, and her sweet family. Amanda was my best friend at A&M and also great friends with Mark, too. It's always so much fun to hang out again - like no time has passed. She has a sweet 2 year old and is expecting a baby girl in a few months.
We were so grateful to have visitors especially since we still don't have a couch and had to sit and visit on hard dining chairs. Speaking of dining chairs, I just sold our perfectly good set and bought some old, rickety antique ones to refinish. Having major regrets right now but hopefully they will hold up. Here is my inspiration although my color palette is not as bright:
We also got another visit in to see my parents who took us to the new Sea Life Aquarium. The rest of our time there was spent in the swimming pool where all three of my children turned into fish!
Lots of visits and time with Grandma and Grandpa and the kids are looking forward to another sleepover at their house this weekend (which means date night for Mark & I)!
Soaking up our lazy days but also grateful for upcoming events on the calendar. A time for everything!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Cole gets kisses from Tessa Puppy at Nan & Pops house (he loved it!)
Nate & Ford - transformer lovin' cousins

Nate's 4th birthday! Lots of cousins and friends!
Pops and the birthday boy

More birthday fun

Paige, Alyssa, Lucy

Grandma and Grandpa took us to see Cars 2

Nate's mohawk (lasted about 30 seconds)

Evidence of how well my kids are playing together this summer :)

Nate & Maddux at the Alamo

Lucy, Cole and Graci at the Alamo

Younce and Drinkard kids at the Riverwalk

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Checking in

We are still alive down here in south central Texas though we don't venture out much since it's so very hot outside! It's hard to believe it's July and summer break is flying by. We are now in our own rental home and slowly getting settled. The boxes are unpacked but we are without a couch and a TV so still feels a little strange! (We do have a small tv but don't get any channels but the CW so feels like there is none.) The house is VERY beige which makes our decorations look different, too. Overall though, it just doesn't quite feel like home. I think it's due to the absence of our dear friends in Missouri who so often were in and out of our home there. (In fact, Lucy keeps reminding me: "Mom, we have NO friends here!").
Not to dwell on what is lacking though - we have been blessed by having two amazing visits from our St Louis "family" friends. The Elliotts came in May and we had a blast eating at favorite restaurants, going to Schlitterbahn waterpark, sightseeing in San Antonio and more. Then Jessica and her kids came in June and although we didn't get to "do" as much, it was still so very fun. She was a huge help in making this place more bearable though it was painful to watch her leave.
Also, to update on the continual concerns we have with child #3...Cole had his three year checkup and the doctor had a bone age scan done due to his lack of growth (no gain in weight or inches in at least 6 months). Well, that turned out to be fruitful as the x-ray shows his bone age (2 years) does not match his chronological age (3 years). There are several reasons why this could be including a diagnosis of "Failure to Thrive" which he had as an infant. We are headed (again) to the pediatric endocrinologist in hopes of some answers and some encouragement. The older he gets, the more awkward it can be for him to be so far behind... Hopeful that this time down here might be just for Cole's advantage and growth!
Another positive note, we have found a church home. Parkhills Baptist is a 9Marks church and we are thankful to be in a place that preaches God's word unashamedly and hope to get plugged in and make some friends soon. I'm hopeful to spread the word and cause of Sparrow Ministries, especially since we are giving adoption grants nation-wide now!
Finally, we continue to battle the IR$ concerning our adoption refund. We have been "communicating" with them since we first filed in February and finally got notice this weekend that they are denying us our refund (a huge chunk of money that we had foolishly counted on to have for moving expenses - thus, the reason for no couch yet). They continue to say they are lacking one document even though we have faxed it 3 separate times since April and this is the 2nd year for us to claim this refund, meaning they have already approved it once before! Sent off our appeal today by faxing documents twice and mailing a hard copy as well. I'm tempted to put my Indian child in the car and drive across the country to their office if they really want proof of our adoption! It's a frustrating experience, no doubt, but hopefully one that will result in our favor.
Sorry for the wordiness and no pictures. Somehow I can not find my camera cord even though all the boxes are unpacked! :)

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Cole turned 3 years old last week! He was so excited to have his own birthday and wanted nothing more than to go to McDonald's to celebrate. In fact, for weeks ahead of time, he would repeat over and over and over again "McDonald's on my birthday!"

He is currently obsessed with all things Cars related and has yet to part with his new Mack truck which holds the precious Lightning McQueen car.
We just moved to a new school district so we'll have to wait until August to see what kinds of therapies he qualifies for. I have to doubt that speech will be one as he is a non stop chatterbox these days! Lately he is very adament in pointing to and telling others who the members of his family are: "Mama, that's my brother." or "Daddy, that's my mama." Silly, silly boy.

We are starting to talk more about his heritage and where he came from. Nate, who is now 4, is really starting to grasp it more. We looked through pictures from India on his recent Gotcha Day and birthday, too.

Cole was a little disappointed he didn't turn 4 like his brother but in the end, he's a happy 3 year old boy (who is out of diapers, too, by the way - woo hoo!!)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

2 years!

Two years ago today we were introduced to our little peanut.

It still amazes me that these wonderful ladies handed him to us and called us Mom and Dad.

It has been two years like I never would have expected. Hard, challenging times filled with doubts, wonder and a love that can only come from the Creator Himself. Two years that I wouldn't change for anything!

I love you, Cole Debjit, my child, my son.