Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Best Holiday Ever

Sure, Christmas is great and magical and you get gifts and Thanksgiving is nice with the yummy food but I think Easter is the best holiday ever. Because it is so not PC to celebrate Easter! Sure there is the Easter Bunny but he doesn't begin to compare with Santa's popluarity! And so in our culture it's totally fine to ignore Easter altogether. But if you are part of the population that believes Easter marks the day when the world changed for eternity, then you realize it truly is amazing!

We met with some new friends recently who were wanting a 'sign' from God, to have clear evidence of His existence. If you read the crucifixion story where the sky went black in the middle of the afternoon and the veil in the temple tore in half when Jesus died, how can you need more? (See Matthew 27:45-51)Sure that didn't happen in our lifetime but that is where faith comes in. Anyways...

Without Easter I do not live in hope. Without Easter, I do not have peace that if I died in a moment I would go to heaven. Without Easter, I do not have confidence and assurance that I'm living for something greater than myself. And without Easter, I do not have access to the Almighty and therefore can not release my burdens, cares, dreams, and aspirations at His feet.

It is a great time to share the good news with those around you..."He is not here, for He has risen, just as He said."

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Anonymous said...

Hope, Joy & Thanksgiving...such AMAZING GRACE! Happy Easter! Love you, Mom