Friday, April 4, 2008


It is generally not a good idea for a mother of two young kids to be addicted to reading. Because reading does not easily allow for full attention to the two young kids. I love to read and have been able to keep the habit due to nursing but that is soon going out the window (yeah!) and I will have to find other ways to read and not totally ignore lucy & nate.

I just read a book that has me thinking long after I finished the last page. I love these kinds! This one was Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer and it was a true story (the movie came out last fall). A young college graduate wants to sow his oats type of thing, goes into the Alaska wilderness and finds he can not get out when he finally wants to. It was tragic and I'm amazed at the press it's gotten and am hopeful it will be used for God's glory, in the end. This man was seeking something, like we all are, and that fulfillment only comes in the person of Christ. But he likely rejected that (not sure of course) and died in the end. Sad, sad, sad.

Other books that keep me going after they are already back in the library slot (I never buy books!) are ones by Angela Hunt. She is a Christian author but not fluffy like a lot of them. The Justice was a great book as well as The Truth Teller, The Awakening and The Debt.

On the movie end of the spectrum, Mark & I just watched Gone, Baby, Gone. We "discussed" the ending of this movie for days. It was so troubling that I had to concoct a whole new scenario of what I thought should have happened to be able to let it go!

Yeah for great entertainment...

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