Monday, May 12, 2008

May Madness

May is turning out to be a busy and full month for us and I'm loving it! Despite some freakishly cold weather lately, we had a great (but too short) visit with Grandma and Grandpa. They graciously altered their schedules to fly up and watch the kids so Mark and I could attend an adoption workshop with our agency. Here they are playing with the new Sand & Sea Table Nate was given for his upcoming 1st birthday:

We left with a whole lot of information and even got to see a home video of the orphanage where our son most likely will be. It was sad to see - a small room crowded with cribs, with 2-3 babies in each crib. But all the babies and workers were smiling so they were making the best of it all, I suppose. Needless to say, my patience in this process was really coming up short after seeing that and wondering about our boy.

But I have to count my blessings as many of the couples there were unable to have children biologically and have to wait in an empty and quiet house while we get to enjoy our two babes who fill our days with nothing but joy and laughter. Speaking of, we take pictures on Mother's Day and Father's Day and I was excited to have Nate in the picture for the first time:

Yesterday at church we had the honor of dedicating Nate to the Lord. It was a simple event but packed full of meaning. I'm trying to get the video to the computer and will post more about it at that time.

I'm also busy with some sewing projects for teacher gifts and am excited to post finished product pictures soon!

Since we aren't really having a spring I will now antcipate the arrival of summer! Come on, warm weather!

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Ana said...

Sara!! Hey, friend! It is so good to see pictures of you and your precious family! I'll be stalking your blog now! Let's keep in touch!
Go Cubs!