Friday, April 16, 2010

Play Ball

We took Cole to his first baseball game this week - Cardinals vs. Astros. Let's just say he was not a fan. I don't really blame him though because we were in the bleachers and it was so sunny. He could barely keep his eyes open (wondering if the surgery is still making him light sensitive?). He spent most of the time with his head buried in my shirt or sitting under the bleachers! He was much happier when we went behind the stands to the childrens play area.

Nate was so disappointed with the game because he didn't understand why he couldn't go out on the field and play baseball. He also definitely did not like the fireworks.

Lucy had fun but didn't want to sit still in the stands and watch for very long. Thankfully, the people next to us were patient to let us in and out (thanks to the beer).

If you know me, you know I am a Cubs fan. For 20 years now I have been following that team and of course their rival is the Cardinals. It is hard for me to be quiet in this town and even at the game people were commenting, "Make sure you raise those kids to hate the Cubs!" Sheesh! Definitely a lesson in self-control for me.

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Jason Alligood said...

Were you raised in Chicago? Did you know Jerry is a huge White Sox fan? Jonah totally had the same reaction as Nate at his first baseball game. Have a safe trip!