Sunday, October 23, 2011


Wow, so hard to believe we're approaching November! How quickly I forgot what "fall" in Texas feels like: aka Summer Part 2. :) But actually, being a fan of warmer weather, it's not too bad. Highs in the 80's/low 90's makes very decent weather for getting our lives done day in and day out. We did have a couple mornings where the kids needed a light jacket and they instantly asked if it it was going to snow. My little Midwestern babies. :)

We are truckin' along doing life in San Antonio. Very busy with three kids at school and at all different times. I feel a strong urge to paint my minivan yellow and get a little light on the top that says Taxi. But it's part of my job and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Each kid is flourishing at his/her respective place of education and that is always a relief.

The ongoing arc of our lives continues to be Cole's health (last week I was convinced he had diabetes). The doctors feel fine to wait it out and see how/if he grows, but it's hard for this mama to see him so small. Something doesn't feel right but I know better than to trust my feelings.

I am loving Pinterest and all the inspiration it brings (if only it magically granted free time along with that inspiration). I spent a few hours this weekend making this pillow after seeing a similar concept online.

We are not overly India here - Mark and I didn't have a connection to it before adopting Cole and don't incorporate traditions to our family or anything. But of course it is special to us being the birthplace of our youngest and I thought it would be appropriate to have a subtle reminder of where he came from.

We recently did the traditional visit to the pumpkin patch (and got majorly ripped off in the process but trust me, that's not worth getting into). The kids got to pick one activity to do and the boys chose the bounce house and Lucy chose the petting zoo. Then we went to the grocery store to get our pumpkins for 70% cheaper than what the patch was charging. That felt good.

We are thankful for our time here even on hard days when we miss home so very much. We are really looking forward to visiting St Louis for Thanksgiving and the upcoming holiday season. Mark and I are learning a lot about decision making and consequences and really trying to seek God and His plan for our lives. It is encouraging to know and be reminded that He cares and wants the best for us, even when we get in the way. Now if we could only agree on sports teams than our marriage would be picture perfect (Go Rangers!)

ly looking forward to a trip to St L


Peter and Nancy said...

Your new southern definition of fall is cracking me up -- I sent Anya Rashi to preschool with mittens today. :o) Hoping you find some answers for the growth concerns . . . even if it's something simple (like his birthparents were tiny). There's a mom from India at my sons' school who is no taller than the 4th graders. She must be 4'7" or maybe even less -- and I say that just to tell you that he may just be tiny, if everything else is healthy.

I love when you post an update!

Fenwick 5 said...

Sara the pictures are sweet:) Thank goodness for decent pumpkin prices,right? Hoping things start to look better with Cole soon.Looks like he is likin that slide. I know you have faith to trust in God so that is peace in itself.
Tomorrow it is high 58 here,but the weekend 62 with sunny,so yay. I have posted some updated pictures of Maiya,and hoping tomorrow to get our fall break florida pictures loaded. Take Care and have a wonderful thanksgiving. Gidget from Ky.

Jennifer Mayo said...

I love the pillow you made - I thought you had made the other one you "pinned" as well! Maybe we can meet up soon - I need to nail down what all our next 2 months of weekends look like!