Monday, October 15, 2007

We made it!

After hours and hours and rain and rain, we made it to our new home today. Amy & I got up REAL early so we could miss the D/FW traffic and have the kids sleep in the car longer (Nate did, Lucy did not) but only made it to McKinney before we had to pull over and wait for the rain to stop. I have never driven in so much rain before. The power went out so there were no street lights and of course the sun wasn't up yet so it was impossible to see. When we finally stopped in Oklahoma for breakfast, the power went out at McDonald's right when we got there so they stopped serving food! The second half of our trip was less eventful but very long after all the delays in the early morning. But we made it - Lucy & Nate did great in the car and are happy to be in their new home!

Lucy having apples & watching DVDs

Nate sleeping

Tucker in his tiny space on the floor

Kobe sleeping in his litter box (which is now busted because Tucker stepped on it)

Lucy opening her car prize from Nan & Pops - thanks!

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