Saturday, October 27, 2007

What are we doing here?

Many of you have asked us "Why St. Louis?"

Well first, Mark got a new job as a Senior Property Accountant working for another real estate firm, McEagle. His former job was shaky as the company was sold and even though he didn't get laid off, there were so many changes occuring that it seemed like a good time to move on.

Although he graduated from Southwesteren Seminary almost a year ago, he is still going through certification for Biblical Counseling and is hoping to use all he has learned as a lay minister in a local church we find here. Whether or not the Lord has full time ministry in His plans for us, we don't know. But we plan to use what we have and serve the kingdom using our current circumstances.

Second, St. Louis is not a very evangelized city and there is not a Bible believing church on every corner like back home. We are hoping that with our willingness to serve, the Lord will use us here to reach others for His glory.

In the mean time, we miss our family and friends dearly but are trusting God to meet our needs here and hoping that He will allow us many visits back to Texas to stay in touch with everyone!

Thank you all for your support and encouragement. We love hearing from each of you!

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Shane said...

Sounds goodto me, plus it is a little closer to us in Cinci as well.