Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Change is coming...

As a Christian, I know that God is sovereign, that He is in control, that as my friend Heather put so eloquently, "the future is history for God." But God does not promise an easy road without suffering. We still live in a fallen, evil world so my concern now comes in full force.

I believe the country has spoken through the election and that change is coming. I don't mean change in the economy, or the wars, or the energy sources. I mean change in the sense of what is right and what is wrong, of who gets a voice and who doesn't. When you open the door for sin to enter, it doesn't politely or timidly allow itself in. No, it explodes through with full force. What we barely tolerate today in our culture will be the norm in a few years. Things we couldn't fathom tolerating will become issues of major controversy in the near future.

As a parent, I am disappointed for my children and the fact that the road ahead will be so much harder for them than it was for me. I am spurred on to make sure they are prepared with the truth of the gospel so that they will be able to handle being different from the changing American culture.

Here is an excerpt from a thoughtful article on the current situation, highlighting where my heart is & was during this election:

Yet, the issues and the politics remain. Given the scale of the Democratic victory, the political landscape will be completely reshaped. The fight for the dignity and sanctity of unborn human beings has been set back by a great loss, and by the election of a President who has announced his intention to sign the Freedom of Choice Act into law. The struggle to protect marriage against its destruction by redefinition is now complicated by the election of a President who has declared his aim to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act. On issue after issue, we face a longer, harder, and more protracted struggle than ever before.

Still, we must press on as advocates for the unborn, for the elderly, for the infirm, and for the vulnerable. We must redouble our efforts to defend marriage and the integrity of the family. We must be vigilant to protect religious liberty and the freedom of the pulpit. We face awesome battles ahead.

You can read the whole article on Albert Mohler's blog.


coffeegirl said...

I aggree.

Fenwick Family said...

Sara,I agree with u.Change is coming,and it will be hard at times,but with the lord on our side we can make it.We have to be prepared with the helmet of salvation and sword of the spirit!Good Post.God is still in control.

Traci said...

Sara - I greatly appreciate your post. I think it is right on and it encourages me that there are others around this country that will continue to stand for life, for marriage, for God. This is certainly not a time to sit on our hands. I pray that the Lord will use this to wake us up and to share His truth w/ others.
-- Traci G. (waiting at #9'ish on Dillon's list)

Anonymous said...

well said, my daughter!

Peter and Nancy said...

Thought you might like this related article:

Hope the link works!
-- Nancy