Monday, November 16, 2009

Watch Cole Grow - Month 5

We recently hit the 5 month mark of getting Cole and the 1 year mark of getting "the call" about him! The fastest and slowest time of my life all in one!

Cole is doing great - super healthy although still super tiny - up to 18 pounds, 5 teeth and starting to get very curious and into stuff, like your typical 17 month old. The bond between him and Nate is amazingly strong. Cole is easily calmed down around Nate and Nate is constantly asking where "Tole" is if he's not in the same room at the moment.

He still is wary of strangers when we're out and I've felt like making him a shirt that either says "Don't Touch Me" or "It's not you, it's me" to try and avoid some of the negative reactions we get when someone approaches him and he begins to scream and cry. I certainly did not think we'd still be having this issue 5 months into his life here but there are so many other vast improvements, I can't complain!

One more post-placement visit to go and hopefully we'll be finalizing it all in December!


Four..and ONE from India said...

He is so sweet and I love this fall picture.He looks so happy and healthy too. :) I can't wait to get Maiya Reela-Grace home,but for now we are thankful and loving the pictures we get:) Have a good thanksgiving.

Brown Eyed Blessings said...

He's such a cutie!

Sorry he's having so much separation anxiety. I know that it's hard on you but take comfort in the fact that he wants to be with you! Some kids just take a long time to truly believe they're not going anywhere. I'd say it took our son J (adopted at 14 months old) over a year before his fears began to abate. If it helps, even though he was my most fearful child, he is also very attached and it is a healthy attachment.

I'll be praying that Cole is able to relax soon. :)


jasonliberty said...

What a cutie pie:-) I love the picture. Thank you for the update, I'll be praying for your family.


this One's for the girls said...

That is one handsome little guy! Anya Rashi was very reluctant about our church nursery until she had been home about 18 months. (And by "reluctant" I mean she would sob like her heart was breaking.) We just waited a LONG time to try again, and now she's turned the corner and loves going there. She occasionally still gives over-enthusiastic strangers the stink-eye. :o) But that's actually a good thing -- like your other commenter said, it means he's really attached to you. All your hard work is paying off!