Wednesday, November 28, 2007


We are always laughing around here with Lucy (and are looking forward to Nate's contributions some day as well). Here are a few recent events that had us giggling.

1)We sat down to eat dinner and Lucy offered to say the prayer she learned at school. She closed her eyes, hands folded and said,

"Lori, thank you for our food..."

After, I said, "I think it's supposed to be 'Lord, we thank you for our food.'"

"No, it's Lori."

2)Lucy came upstairs the other day saying, "Do not go downstairs. My dolls are sleeping."

"Ok, Lucy, sure."

Later I went down and saw this in our bed & clothes hamper:

3) Janet & I were preparing to paint Nate's room and Lucy expressed that she wanted to help. I had told her she couldn't paint in the clothes she was wearing so she left and came back naked! "I'm ready to paint!", she told Janet.

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