Sunday, November 18, 2007


Four years ago today was truly one of the greatest days of our lives! Not the majority of the day which was spent in labor and then a c-section but the end of it... when Lucy Grace was born and healthy and finally here with us!

Nov. 18, 2003

Nov. 18, 2007 She woke up to pink balloons all over her room!

Earlier this week we made cupcakes to take to school.

At her new school for a Thanksgiving feast:

Playing basketball men with Daddy (Mark taught her extensively about each player and then showed her this cheesy 80's NBA highlight video):

Birthday gifts:

Princess bike from Mama & Daddy (she had to follow clues around the house to end up in the garage where it was waiting for her):

I could not begin to list all the ways we are blessed by this child. For those of you that know her well I'm sure you would agree she is truly a unique and joyful blessing. I am sad that four years have already passed so quickly but am eager to see how the Lord will grow this little girl into a godly woman of grace and compassion. I thank God each day for getting to be part of her life.

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