Sunday, November 4, 2007

Eatin' time

Here is a video I made for Nan since she wanted to see how much Natey was enjoying his yummies. I couldn't get it to send over email so you can all watch if you want! He is lunging for the spoon and saying "mmmm" the whole time!

I guess he will be like Lucy who has always loved her food. (Although lately when I tell her what's for dinner she says "I don't think I like that food" but then of course eats it all gone!) When she was about a year old, she would do this evil laugh in her high chair in anticipation for her food. I know lots of moms have struggles with their kids over eating and I thank God so much that He has spared me this battle, at least.


Shane said...

the funny part about this clip is the constant typing going on in the background. It is as though you are feeding the child with one hand and emailing with the other.

the other funny partof this clip is that you rchil eats alot like me (even still) - ha!

Mark & Sara said...

It's not typing! :) It's our camera that makes that noise though I have no idea why!

Shane said...

i see - i could almost picture mark working on his fantsy basketball team while you are buy feeding the kids