Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Merry Christmas?

I finally hit the 'unsubscribe' button on the email the other day. I had been in the habit of just deleting each one but this last one frustrated me so much I had to end it.

I was receiving letters from a popular "pro-family" organization which would keep us updated on issues around the country regarding family's rights or Christian's rights. But lately, the emails were just getting ridiculous.

Why do we (Christians) expect lost people and companies to honor Christianity? The gospel, God's wisdom, is foolishness in their eyes (1 Cor 1:18) and I am thinking we are not making it appear lovely by standing up and boycotting or getting angry if they don't say what we want them to say at certain times of the year.

"All men will hate you because of Me..." Jesus said in Matthew 10:22, "but he who stands firm to the end will be saved." Stand firm. Not attack, not boycott, not protest. Stand. Firm.

Our pastor has been teaching us about this very thing in reference to the armor of God passage in Ephesians 6. When we are attacked, we are not to flee as in the case of temptation, nor attack in return. Paul tells us here to stand firm. To be equipped with the word of God, the righteousness of His Spirit and to stand firm.

So what if Kohl's or Lowe's doesn't want to say Merry Christmas? I haven't checked but I'm doubting their CEO's are born again believers. So why should they want to honor the Lord with their slogans?

I'm not the theology scholar in this family but I know the conviction of the Holy Spirit. We should be focusing on spreading the gospel not hindering it with our stubborness over miniscule rights and issues.

I'm sure there are many who disagree but just had to put my point out there. Don't worry, I'll go back to posting about our funny kids and stuff like the weather. :)


amy said...

well said!

Shane said...

give this lady a microphone