Monday, December 10, 2007


We are back online. Our modem has been out for a week and a half and left us wondering, "What did we do before the internet?"

Well, I stayed busy finishing Nate's Christmas stocking. I'm a little disappointed in the outcome - it is not the same size as the rest of ours and seems a little dull in comparison.

I also did not remember Lucy's being so stressful but realized I made hers while I was pregnant, not while I had two kiddos underfoot.

In other news, we had our first snow last week. Just beautiful but not enough to last or to build a snowman, etc. Now we are experiencing Texas winter - freezing rain and icy roads. But people here know how to deal with those so life carries on as usual.

We also attended the Christmas party for Mark's office and left our kids at home with their first non-related babysitter. It worked out great though I missed them and worried about my little Natey. He did fine, of course!

Now we are looking forward to Christmas and FAMILY!!

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