Monday, June 2, 2008

Baby Dedication

On Mother's Day we had the privilege to dedicate our son to the Lord Jesus. It is a public commitment that we make before the Body of Christ saying that we will raise our child in a home that preaches the gospel, praying for our child to one day come to salvation in Christ, not based on anything he does or earns but by accepting the free gift of grace from God.

Parenting is a humbling experience and one of great responsibility. Mark & I are striving to do it Biblically and hopefully in the process bring glory to God. Lucy & Nate's salvations are not something we can be guaranteed and nothing we do can claim it for them. It is a choice every one has to make along the way, to believe and repent, to follow and go. But as parents, we are accountable to make sure they know of the Way, the Truth, and the Life. And that is what the dedication is about.

The passages our pastor shared before we started recording the video are as follows:

Psalm 78:1-4
Deuteronomy 6:6-9
Ephesians 6:4


Ana said...

Wow...what a sweet family! I love seeing your little Nate. It is so hard to be Godly parents and raise Godly kids...Brad and I are just getting started like you guys...but, being a part of a community is so vital. I was blessed to see your church home on your video!

Paul White said...

I really enjoyed being able to see Nate's dedication and am grateful for the video as a means to participating. I hope you guys are enjoying your new church and city.

God bless you both.