Friday, June 6, 2008

Please pray for us...

the Lakers are in the NBA Finals and Mark is under the Kobe spell!

Game one was last night and thankfully our children were sound asleep and didn't hear all the yelling at the refs and players. And worse, the Lakers lost so Sunday's game is sure to be an even more intense situation.

Go Lakers!


Ana said...

I know how you feel...except Brad has been yelling at the Aggies (baseball). They lost last night, so no CWS for them.

Unger 6 said...

at least your house is not divided... Geoff is for the Lakers-- Frankie and I for the Celtics ( even though, as Frank says... but mom, they're in the Eastern Conference!!!) Go with mama, young son!!

Ched said...

and Mark is under the Kobe spell!


Hopefully, the healing process is nearing completion.