Sunday, June 1, 2008


We just enjoyed a great time with my parents this past week. Thankfully the weather was good (most of the time) so we were able to get out and do some of the fun things in this city. Grant's Farm was amazing, Purina Farms was fun & free and Lone Elk Park was interesting, to say the least. And we watched the Cardinals beat the Astros in their beautiful new stadium (but not as great as Wrigley).

We are so grateful that they were willing to distance themselves from their responsibilities for a few days to bless us with their presence!

Here are Pops & Lucy at Grant's Farm:

Nan & the kids at the Cardinals game (where if you did not have Cardinals red on you stuck out badly):

They also took the kids to a park one night so Mark and I could have our first home study with our social worker. It was a strange experience - telling your life stories to a stranger and then hoping she didn't think you were weird. :) She comes again later this week and then begins her report. Once it's approved (a few weeks?) we officially go on the waiting list!!

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Shaina said...

hey, sara! i happened upon your website when i saw that you had linked to the MOPS site (which is in dire need of an update, i know!).

i remember shiloh being dedicated, it was so special. :)anyhoo, speaking of shiloh, i can't post much more b/c i've been informed that she has a "poopie." yay for glamorous mommies!