Friday, June 13, 2008


I'm sure most of you know about the tragedy that struck the Chapman family over three weeks ago. I saw it on many blogs and was so burdened for them, trying to imagine the depths of their grief and pain. It wasn't hard to do since our daughter is the same age. The hole that would be left in our lives by her absence would be unbelievably and unimaginably huge. But as time goes on, that burden lifted as I once again became consumed in my own world, my own trials and obligations.

Last night I checked the blog of Steven's manager and read again about how the family is still deeply immensed in their sadness and loss. I felt guilty that my prayers for them had ceased. Just because I don't know them personally or even listen to all his music, they are part of the body of Christ and I am to love them before myself.

I think this applies to all situations, not just the ones that get the national press because it has affected someone famous. I need to allow myself to be vulnerable to the Spirit's leading, to be ready to pray for needs that I may have forgotten about because they no longer affect me personally.

Father God, I lift up this family to You. I praise You because they continue to rejoice in the hope of Your Son, in the hope of heaven and in the hope of their salvation that they will be with You and their daughter again someday. But until then... their hearts are heavy and hurting and are in need of peace that comes from You alone. Burden those around them to physically meet their needs and continue to stir my own heart as well as other believers to put them and others first. Use this situation for Your glory and Your good as You are always so faithful to do.

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Anonymous said...

Amen, my daughter, amen. Mama